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Explore a College Designed for Adults

For more than 115 years, Franklin University has been the place where adult learners can finish their degrees faster. From our Main Campus in downtown Columbus, Ohio, to our convenient online classes, this is the place where working adults learn, prepare and achieve. 

As one of the largest private universities in Ohio, you can find nearly 45,000 Franklin alumni across the country and around the world serving the communities in which they live and work. Discover why Franklin is recognized for accessibility, affordability and academics.

Partner with Franklin

Join our fast-growing network of worldwide partners.

Global Partners

In collaboration with select global partners, Franklin gives international students access to a hiqh-quality U.S. education. While each partner program is unique with respect to requirements and outcomes, all have one thing in common: To serve the needs of international students in the context of a globally competitive world.

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Community College Partners

Franklin partners with more than 135 community and technical colleges across the country to increase graduation rates, better serve communities, and provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.

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Business Partners

Attract -- and retain -- a smart, curious, and talented workforce by enhancing their skills and cultivating new capabilities with customized, business-focused professional development solutions.

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Faculty & Staff

Get to know more about the thinkers, educators, and mentors we call faculty and staff. Franklin’s remarkable team is comprised of highly diverse yet equally exemplary professionals who bring rich experience, deep commitment, and passion for learning to our student experience.

University Details

Get more from your college education at Franklin, where our mission, philosophy and programs are specifically designed to help you find success before, during and after earning your degree.


Regional accreditation is the proverbial gold standard for helping ensure a quality education. Franklin is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which means your Franklin University education is held to the highest standards, ranging from effective teaching, to learning support, to ethical conduct. 

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Mission & Values

Franklin is dedicated to making a college degree possible for everyone. We thrive on providing a high-quality, for-the-real-world education to ambitious learners and working adults like you so you can reach your personal and professional goals and enrich the world.

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Our History

Since 1902, Franklin University’s been a leader in helping busy adult students like you earn a college degree conveniently and affordably, while you keep up with the demands and responsibilities of work and family.

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Consumer Information

At Franklin, we value your trust and confidence, so we provide as much information as possible to help you understand who we are, what we do, how we operate, and what impact it all has on you. 

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Franklin Pressroom

Get news and updates about Franklin, including how and where we’re making headlines.



Careers at Franklin

If you enjoy working in a collaborative, dynamic, student-focused environment, we invite you to look at the many opportunities for joining our team.

Policy Information

Because we’re committed to higher education and a great learning experience for everyone, we’ve defined specific guidelines to govern everything from how we interact with one another, to ways we overcome challenges, to our commitment to maintaining a safe, productive and positive environment.